Morten Elgaard Pedersen

Morten is a art director who’s worked at several design and advertising agencies. He's experienced in coming up with creative solutions for a wide range of clients, and transforming those ideas to visual images that are quickly understood.

He is responsible for the visual representation of the works, taking and editing photographs, creating print material as well as programming and updating the Defragmentum website.

Experienced in:
Concept development, corporate branding, corporate identities, brand campaign strategy, etc.

Current and former clients:
Bang & Olufsen, The Red Cross, Maersk, Arla, CNN, Coop, DSB, Introversion Software, TV2, Syddansk University

Previous work
Always looking to challenge himself and find new approaches to graphic design. Some of the solutions he’s come up with can be seen at his website:


Peter Leif Schelle-Jækel

Peter Leif Schelle-Jækel`s recent works are rooted in the self-organization of the universe, inspired by I. Pregogines (Nobel Prize in 1977).: "Order out of Chaos" 1985, and The artist raises question of forms found in living and not-living matter.

The sculptures are constructed in a swift acute process evoking a volatile outcome, revealing an unexpected high sensibility to minute manipulative variations during casting, displaying similarities to open dissipative systems and implying potential transitions to the forms we call life.

The production, initiating with philosophy, religion, and psychology, leading to structures connecting life and the phenomena of the universe.

Peter Leif Schelle-Jækel has stopped teaching and is now concentrated to his new production and works in Copenhagen.

Peter Leif Schelle-Jækel is educated teacher in history, religion and philosophy in Copenhagen 1978, and worked besides teaching with drawing, painting and collage / decoupages-techniques.

He has worked with self organizing matters since 2011 by inspiration from Ilya Pregogines (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1977) "Nerw Paradigm" and has produced magnetic generated sculptures and pictures as well as photography's related to his subject. Peter Leif Schelle-Jækel has stopped teaching and is now concentrated to his new production and works in Copenhagen.

2017 - DEFRAGMENTUM in Ekstrabladet

Bagsværd 2010: Novo Nordisk
Paris 1987: 8 rue des Beaux-Arts, Galerie Jean Camion
Copenhagen 1987: Bredgade 36 Galleri Henning Larsen
Copenhagen 1989: Toldkammer 1 Islands Brygge
Copenhagen 1986: First Compagny Store, Strøget
Copenhagen 1982: Salonen, Skt. Pederstræde
Copenhagen 1981: Den Alternative, Vesterbrogade

Other themes:
2007 to 2010 Psycological themes - Hermeneutic drawings

Casa Barbara Strandvejen Copenhagen
Casa Barbara Nyhavn Copenhagen
McDonalds Vesterbrogade (Scala) Copenhagen
DMK - holding A/S Taastrup
ADIA Nørreport Copenhagen
BO-tikken Aarhusgade Copenhagen
Magasinet "Erhverv København" Vesterbrogade Copenhagen
Angst & Phister Ny Østergade Copenhagen
Malerfirmaet Torben Madsen Albertslund,
Bodenhoff Albertslund
Nordisk Fjerfabrik Copenhagen
Comfort Hotels Restaurant Løngangsstræde Copenhagen
Patentdirektoratet Taastrup
Københavns Farvehandel Badstuestræde Copenhagen
Art Shop Køge
Dangift Aps Bredgade Copenhagen.
Berg & Aakjær Dampfærgevej Copenhagen
Domus Interieur Østerbrogade Copenhagen,


Iron and acrylic, drawings, paintings in oil og acryl, collage/decoupage, papiér maché, design, portraits.

Taken at the School of Teaching, University of Aarhus (former DLH) in:
Joint responsability
The Teachers Role
Nature and Technics

Study tours:
Amsterdam, Antwerp/Anvers, Athen, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Bremen, Brugge, Bruxelles, Gaza, Gerona, Granada, Hamburg, Jerusalem, London, Lübeck, Mechelen, Oslo, Panjim, Paris, Pompei, Roma, Stockholm, Tunis, Venezia.

The museum keeper Bjarne Jørnæs from Thorvaldsen Museum wrote in his preface to the exhibition in Paris: “…

" Conscious or subconscious - some of the classic-surrealistic iconographic signs show up with Peter Leif. The torso, the metronome, the amoeba shape. Motifs are defragmented, the individuality of figures are dissolved.

Never the less it is too simple to just to categorize Peter Leif as a surrealist. It might fit the earlier works and collages , but in the later, more freely painted pictures, other elements are found. First of all the colours are getting more intense, and the brushwork less smooth. The picture can be divided in two parts of different sizes apparently without related themes. …

The style of in the art of Peter Leif goes from the colouristic fine collages, via the “surrealistic” pictures of bodies or torsos to the just mentioned more freely painted pictures. .. Peter Leif’s pictures are dealing with mutilation, lack of contact, aggression and sexuality. In the later works, with their warmer colours and less violent themes, perhaps a more harmonic mood is emerging."

View Paris exhibition / View Henning Larsen exhibition